4 Chambers

The Beginning of life sprouts like flowers,

“Tick, tock” here come the morning hours,

The warmth and protection gives joy,

In the age of pursuit of knowledge,

Barriers ready to be a abolished,

Take on life like the Greek siege of Troy,


Freedom is gained through tribulations,

In life you must learn self cultivation,

In this age you discover yourself,

Under heat and pressure you must glow,

learn mastery of the primetime show,

This way you will unearth your inner wealth,


With age everything begins to slump,

Stress builds like an infection lump,

The rain falls and the leafs and the tears,

and happiness and joy and cheer,

The decaying of flesh leaves grief,

No end till Autumn drops its last leaf,


There is no more green, no flowers,

no leafs, no grass, no warmth, no life,

There is no more smile, no laughs,

no joy, no cheer, no glee, no love.

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Our world
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