365 Days of Pain

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 22:11 -- AshlyT

365 Days of Pain


An eighteenth birthday,

A happy day for some,

A painful day for me


That day I became a bonde,

As well as a burn victim,

And the recipient of a year full of pain


In a salon full of people I cry,

With bleach boiling on my flesh,

I feel molten lava pouring over my brain,

Yet I’m told this tingle is normal


I’m told it’s not that bad,

But the doctor says otherwise,

Heat and chemical burn cover me


My ears,

My neck,

My scalp,






My birthday,


Family Gatherings,



Everyday I cry,

Even in sleep I am haunted by pain.

My life is a nightmare of agony


But it’s not over yet,

Prom is creeping closer

A sparkly and stressful mess,

Especially when your flesh is peeling off


For three days I cried,

For with each coming day,

more of my scalp fell off,

Now there is a palm sized hole in my head,


I grin and bare it though,

Covering my wound I still go to prom,

And for my determination I am rewarded,

With severe a staph infection


Like my school colors,

my wound oozes green and yellow,


It itches,

It burns,

And for months it tries to heal,

Lucky for me,

It does


Leaving me with a grapefruit sized scar

And more than enough hats to cover it,

Eventually surgery fixes it,

Sort of


My scar is still there,

Now about the size of a fat finger,

Leaving me with a constant reminder,

Of my 365 days of pain



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