30 pieces of silver

30 pieces of silver

She said she fell in love with the guy who gave her a reason to smile
She said as an orphan she found hope in his eyes and comfort in his arms
She said he was perfect and his words were like charm
She said he loved her
Even more than Judas's love for 30 pieces of silver

She said the flower was her pride, and she kept it like a gold egg
But she trusted him when his soft arms parted her legs
His eyes read "trust me" and that was all she did
Until his strength broke her vase, and the red pigment of her broken rose stained the white sheet
He bought her priceless flower with just 30 pieces of silver

She said his lips promised marriage, his words were an assurance to a future
Until she left his arms and rushed to the toilet to regurgitate the love she had received
Until their was really a sign that their will be a bond tomorrow
She said she smiled to her heart looking into the sudden dark eyes of her man love
And all she saw was his hands reaching out to her with 30 pieces of silver

You know what to do was all he said while leaving in a haste
it was as if every organ stopped working, and her ear wished it was in a bad state
Tears dripped from every pore on her skin, that was probably the last time she saw his face
She said it was then she met her fate
She looked around and she had no one, all she had was a growing foetus in her womb and in her hand was 30 pieces of silver

Weeks went by and no sign of the man that promised her a life, she ran as fast as her legs could manage
Her head thinking of nowhere and her eyes see nowhere as safe
Until her legs grew weak and she found comfort under an oak
She placed her hand on her stomach and felt the baby move and tears fell from her eyes, her head could think of just one thing
The next moment people gathered to see a rope taking her last breath from her and all that was left was 30 pieces of silver.
#Your greatest fear should be those you love
#trust as rarely as you can

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My community
My country
Our world
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