I believe my life started when I hopped in a treehouse and saw the world

Or possibly a little later with a trio who couldn’t stray from trouble,

whether that be a camp of gods or a magical school

No matter the beginning, after that,

My life never was the same


I’ve ran with the bulls in the streets of Spain,

lent my ears to bury Ceaser, not to praise,

and felt the heat of 451 degrees

I’ve seen mice, I’ve seen men,

watched a turtle cross the road

And heard from politicians that were truly pigs

I’ve attended a party that had no host

I’ve stayed up late to see three ghosts

(But Holden swore that was phony)


I’ve learned that closets sometimes lead to unexpected places

I’ve learned that fair is foul and foul is fair,

And that life is sometimes like a doll house

I’ve learned truths universally acknowledged

I’ve learned not to go gentle into the good night

And that there are times for many words,

And times for sleep

I’ve learned not to keep a portrait of myself in my attic

I’ve learned that there is only one catch (and that’s 22)

And that human beings can be awful cruel to one another


With all this adventure I’ve seen it all,

From the first war of the worlds to our future in the 80s

From men who were invisible and those who really were

I’ve had the best of times, and I’ve had the worst of times

But after all, tomorrow is another day

We all have our entrances and our exits,

We can go out with a bang, or with a whimper,

And I choose to go as loudly as I can.


But through life’s scarlet letters,

Through the sin it takes to kill a mockingbird

Sometimes it’s a comedy of errors to learn

That all’s well that ends well,

That through all the great expectations

There’s always a second breakfast to get us by


And now,

It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known

With the knowledge that with books, I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes

And all from a mere 26 letters




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