25 Sentences Starting With Blue

Tue, 09/12/2017 - 13:08 -- smwrrn

1. Blue was probably the happiest girl I knew in my lifetime…

2. Blue children never make orange love.

3. Blue is the color of her: sadness, tears, and spell book.

4. Blue smells like a Wednesday.

5. Blue is just a calmer version of red.

6. Blue speaks French.

7. Blue is the color of his funeral.

8. Blue is what her friend smells like.

9. Blue and orange are the colors of his football team, and my wedding.

10. Blue didn’t shower, she bathed.

11. Blue worked as an aroma-therapist in Chinatown.

12. Blue never worked out, but was mistaken for Ronda Rousey many times.

13. Blue liked wine red lipstick, and thick black winged eyeliner.

14. Blue wore her father’s NASCAR shirt to sleep.

15. Blue didn’t run slow, he walked quickly.

16. Blue spoke in tongues at church.

17. Blue braided her hair in a Mohawk like her brother’s.

18. Blue liked to watch Real Housewives while sharpening knives.

19. Blue had a craving for seafood and sex.

20. Blue screens usually mean electronic death.

21. Blue wrote your obituary, so you know there will be too many truths.

22. Blue reminded the boy of his childhood, and her glass eye.

23. Blue and red screens on TV come from the phony news reports about presidential election.

24. Blue’s voice reminds me of the Grand Canyon in the middle of a summer heat wave.

25. Blue sunsets make me nostalgic, because they are his voice, smile, eyes, and heart.


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