this was ironic that silva’s 25 became in-melodic  

when my conscience says May 24 should've had brought it,

how smooth are you too hemlock, but how jagged are you to my aorta

incentive my scattered brain and adjourn to marvin’s dismissive aurora,

the queen bee gratified my endorsement

at the pinnacle on top of melancholy hill was your beloved reinforcement,

the pathognomy sent away the titillating

imitating is to titillating as pathognomy is to emulating,

stick’em 24 jogging grody over 25

tapered the retriever's aristocracy golden must’ve fortified,

skimp to the bottom of the lake as you’d belittle my disposition

trap my temper for an infinitive writ but one that will be tentative,

affix some elite’s and toss them down with the rest my remainings

the trinity is consecrated, my ceramic will spill color over my black & white painting.

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