2020 American Life

Gunshots...After taking shots.. at a local barBut today he's sleeping behind barsFor a crime not committedSo he's convictedFalse accusations flowing..like lyrics in a poem"Officer I ain't done nothing"Who is to listen to him yet he's differentHe's colour's differentLanguage..is also differentDifferent!! Different!!But what can he do and he's in an alien countryHe's different yet was created by the same GodCan't fight back..would be oddCould lead him to courtBlack is beauty.. Black guy magicStop harassing us..we didn't choose to be blackBut we still proud of us..ourselvesWe shouldn't be scared and lock ourselves in shelvesBlack lives matter too you know...you knowWe raised this countryNow you here making me a bountyAlready arranged I die outside the countybut even when you try to step on us,we will germinateCoz we look out for US#Black Lives Matter...Stop racism and criticism 

This poem is about: 
Our world



i made a mistake but its fine I hope everyone understand not just Americans go through the pain of this happening aussie have the same affect me being a white aboriginal Australian everyone makes comments about my colour "aren’t you meant to be white" I get these comments daily and for a person my age (15) to go through this pain and even worse (death) disgusts me i think everyone needs to stand up we all have our own rights and for that we have a say for what happens with our lives

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