The 2017 Cinderella Story

Cinderella, lives her stepmother and step sisters in LA 

Her step sisters do nothing except tan out in the sun all day 

They spend their nights party in clubs, but poor Cinderella get no play 

Her stepmother makes here stay home to cook, clean and she dare not stray 

One day her sisters found a party on facebook 

They tried to hide it from Cinderella but when they left she opened their laptop and took a look 

The party was hosted by rich men at a Mansion in Beverly Hills 

Cinderella asked her stepmom give money a dress and her stepmom responded "get real"

"You are not pretty enough Cinderella and to rich men that's a big deal" 

So, her step sisters got their hair and nails done and got into their best dress 

They drove to the party laughing at Cinderella lefted at the nest 

Cinderella set on front porch upset and crying 

She heard a voice say "Cinderella you are beautiful they are lying" 

She looked up saw gold glitter and then a fairy appear 

"Who are you" Cinderella asked in fear 

The fairy responded "I am fairy Godmother dear" 

"I am here to fulfil your wish of attending the party"  

Cinderella told her "But I have nothing wear, the mall is closed  plus I'm already tardy." 

The fairy god pointed her wand and put Cinderella in a beautiful blue dress 

She then asked "Now we have taken care of that part. Yes?" 

Cinderella then said "Thank you but this is useless. How will I get there? I have no way! 

The fairy godmother pointed her wand to the street. There stood a chauffeur and a limo painted in gray 

The family god admitted the limitations of the spell 

She told her "Cinderella you must get home by 12" 

So, Cinderella arrived at the party 

She was the center of attention as she walked in tardy 

A rich man who could resist her beauty he asked her to dance 

He danced with her all night he didn't give the other men a chance 

Cinderella looked at the clock it was 11:59  

She ran away from the party leaving her glass stiletto behind 

She ran than she suddenly was wearing her old clothes 

Her limo was gone oh where did it go?

She requested a uber on her iphone 

Before she knew it, she was back home 

The next morning, she heard that a rich man was searching the town 

He had fallen for a girl at the party and she must be found 

Later that day  she walked to the store 

She was in the checkout lane when she saw the rich man walk through the door 

Their their eyes instantly met  

He walked up to her and said "Pardon me ma'am can I ask you a question? Please take no disrespect 

Can you try on this shoe. In am looking for my love and I believe it is you that I met" 

Cinderella ask, "Why do I have to try on the shoe if you believe it is me" 

The rich man responded, "I have been looking for her all morning and many women pretended to be"

Cinderella with the shoe took a sit 

She put the shoe on and it was a perfect fit 

The rich man jumped for joy and gave her kiss 

He yelled to the world "I have finally found my miss!" 

He reached in his pocket and gave Cinderella a tiffany's diamond ring 

They had a beautiful wedding and the baby was born the following spring



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