2016, A Year

"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "2016."
"2016 who?"

2016, a rollercoaster.
A fast-paced, non-stop, not-so-thrilling ride
Throwing us all into corkscrews and death dives
With each day, a new story in the papers:
Death, terror, violence, crime.

2016, a never-ending eulogy.
A Space Oddity found home, a Careless Whisper was shushed.
The Mockingbird was killed and an Eagle flew high.
We saw the last of Snape and the Louisville Lip.
We lost a Prince and a Princess
And America's Mom became but Pure Imagination

2016, a political nightmare.
A constant onslaught of confusion
A demagogue taking aim at the White House
A First Lady vying for "Madam President"
A political revolution, stirring the souls of millennials
Yet America turned red.
We witnessed a split in democracy, and it's all our fault.
America, more split than ever, now left with no hope
Left in Right America

2016, a year of terror
Turkey, Belgium, France, America, Germany, ISIS.
Resounding cries of "#PrayFor___", amplified.
Resounding cries of the children, silenced.
We pity their lives while we are the ones dropping the bombs.

2016, a year of hope.
A year of bright times in darkness.
American unemployment is down.
Ozone levels are up.
World crime is down.
Tiger and panda numbers are up.
Minorities are gaining representation.
An American Musical worked to unite us.
Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.
Chicago and Cleveland both broke curses.
The Rio Olympics saw records broken.
We grew, we survived, we are thriving.

2016, a year of growth. 
A year of becoming more confident in the face of deprecation.
A year of stepping out of a shell and a closet.
A year of learning about yourself, and the year of loving yourself.

"Knock knock." "Who's there?"

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