2016 Newborn

Went into the year with a head full of steam,

caught up in myself like a normal teen.

Valedictorian sister,

left for college and I missed her.

Grades began to tank,

so my self esteem sank.

"The girl with the mouth"

The 'Geitgey' family reputation went south.

Went to church to discuss with the preachers,

about how to not be known for disrespecting teachers.

Always show your love,

was the best advice I could get from above.

Could barely stay awake in class.

Laid awake in bed asking when the low point would pass.

The school year came to an end.

Summer meant needing money to spend.

Trying selling my work in fliers,

I had some interested buyers.

A lady across the street,

set up a day to meet.

Got along with their family just fine,

unaware of the job to be mine.

The emptiness at home made me bitter, 

so I, became the babysitter.

Five years ago, I was a yard worker

This year, a five month old taught me to be a hard worker

Four days a week for six hours,

holding little Dalton made life's lemons less sour.

Survived through all the dirty diapers,

and thrived on the laughs when he was hyper.

Self diagnosed manic depression,

was actually my lack of attention.

I began to notice the little things,

like all of God's wonderful beings.

With the resbonsibility I gained,

I lost sight of my previous pain.

I learned to show love because of Dalton's little soul...

Thank you for making my 2016, the opposite of dull.


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My family
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