You believed in him because

You first met him when you were quixotic and optimistic.

You confused rush for love.

And the sight of him sore the eyes of others, but yours shimmered thinking,

Wow, it’s him, the man I might adore!

They thought you were crazy and they worried about you.

But they knew that the feelings you showed had no control.

While time flew and your emotions befriended the sea.

Both shared a desired for a love so deep.


Gave it time and your emotions were played

Ice no longer froze your heart

Instead, it was the plague. Of heartbreak.

And as you wondered why it didn’t work out

You became to found out that you are satisfied,

Wow, it’s him, the boy I might be thankful for!

For he gave you growth, into loving your mind body and soul

He caused your friendships, that will always be the first to know of the gossip that surrounds him.

While he was making with you unforgettable experiences, that might be irrelevant to him, but the smile on your face disagrees.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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