2016 was like a rollercoaster

In the beginning it was easy

You know straight forward no bumps in the road

Then I got a job, and it went downhill

My money wasn't actually my money

My mother took all of my checks except one

That one check I kept I spent on my college essentials

I bought a mini gridge and a laptop

When I finally got out the house and went to college

That was it for me, No help was provided from her except to drive me to Tennessee

I was used to it, I usually had to make things happen on my own

I major in Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University

I got a job at Mcdonald's in October to keep some money in my pocket

That didn't last long since moms still wanted my money

While also getting a 3.2 GPA and working every shift they threw at me

I felt accomplished because I was alone, but I was getting stuff done

I met this amazing guy, who shall not be named

He's my everythign even though we fight and argue almost all the time

This past year has had some ups and downs, but through all of that

It has taught me to be more independent 

And if you want something done, go do it yourself

This poem is about: 
My family
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