2009 Sublime Naivety: Only History for Me


All great leaders,

But can only be history for me.

I want to praise them,

But for what my eyes can not see.

For they spoke only the truth and the justice of those who could not seek.

Came a soft melody for all our peoples creed.

But in the mind of the unknown, trouble leaks,

As if something has gone wrong.

Standing, a man of fear.

Resisting only what is good for him to hear.

Now ready to aim and fire, only because he feels threatened,

And his whole life was a liar,

Confronted by reality, the truth has revealed his true mentality.

Frustrated with a tear, he pulls back the trigger, as if relieved.

Out goes the bullet, fast and in a hurry,

And hits the life of the inspirations and dreams to all people in a burden.

So every year each leader has a special day,

Some for remembrance, and others to repent and pray.

But will only be history for me.


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