20 Something and Searching for Romance

We bat our lashes in secret

Hoping for tall, dark (black) and handsome to feel the signal miraculously

            And come swooping in to take us home, nestling us in ever lasting


The kind that hopefully won’t fade away after the fill of    moistened Venus in rotation

                        He and she is covered in chaos

They fall apart for it while blindly perusing           pink tongues in the mouths of potential partners

                                    I keep thinking, how long has romance wandered around my mind, orbiting my thoughts like the sun

These words are not taken seriously

                        My words are not taken seriously

            Tired of being stuck in these 20 somethings and feelings:







On fire: for all to see

Finding love for myself is not taken seriously

                        We want to fuck, so we flex our guns in private

            Believing that someone, anyone

Will miraculously feel our desire and come    running to be held without commitment

                        You are soaked red and gold… lavender undertones are your hue

            My heart has shrunken

Your love for me is rhetorical

Down here the men who want me do not believe me

You are afraid to jump and it is obvious

                                                                        I aim to catch you

                        We will all collapse in on ourselves


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