20 million souls


The reaper came to the field that day,

For there were twenty million souls to pay.

Trapped liked rats in a cage,

We came out of the trenches with rage.


We fell into the mud and hay,

And so death came to the field that day.

Commanders abandon us to crawl,

But Nemesis will avenge us all.


The sky thunder and roared,

And so came the next horde.

But then a sea of green came upon us,

We ran and rushed, but all are cries were hushed.


And then death had come for my soul,

He told me that I fought well but its time

For me to go. for he came for us on the field that day,

For We had 20 million souls to pay.


“Brave men taste death once,cowards a thousand times over!”



“Cowards die more times than their actual deaths”

(Gaius julius Caesar)


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