2 AM

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 12:25 -- lehaf


He's beautiful isn't he? From his brows to his perfect bow lips. I can't stop staring. His name says the very thing no one can live without. For he is something I can not live without.  He is the air that fills my lungs. He is what I've been gasping for my entire life, and I did not even realize it until I was gasping for more the moment I met him.  But what makes him so spectacular? Is it his arrogance? The stone cold wall he puts up? His need to feel constantly needed? His pride? His ego? His 'full of myself' attitude?  I can't stand any of it. So, what makes him so spectacular? What makes me crave the insecurity that is him? What makes me ache his presence? The way his copper hair glints gold in the sun? The perfect bridge of his nose? The way he holds my hand? The feel of his lips on mine? The way he presses his body against mine. When his forehead rests on mine. When he whispers I love you. The way he makes me feel alone in the world when he is not around.  What makes me love him? What makes me need him? What makes me dream of him every night? He has too many imperfections. But he is perfection. Every word he says melts into me. Every word he says to me, makes me. He has created who holds this pencil. I am the monster, he is my Frankenstein. I crave his love. I need it. All the songs, all the poems are all about him.  People kill to feel what I feel. People die to rid what I feel.  Love is the cause of birth. Love is the purpose of death. You are everything I didn't know I needed. Everything you've done, everything you didn't do.  You've molded me into who I am today. I want this to live forever. I want you and I to live forever.




If he was gone, who would you be? This is an inspiring poem.

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