The 1999 Poem

1999 was the year it all started

I was born

Sick and kept away

No one seemed to know where

2002 was the year it all ended

I was taken away

Far from my normal life

Not that I cared anyway

2004 was the year I lost someone precious

I was abandoned

He left on 03/03 and was never seen again

I lost the only man I loved, My dad

2012 was the year I seemed to fade

I was hurt

Self harm and low self esteem

No one noticed till it was too late

2013 was the year I had a blessing

I was given a gift from god

Her name is Alexandra

She made me change my ways

2014 was the year my heart was broken

I was deceived

Tired and hurt

He didn’t seem to care

2018 was the year I graduated

I was proud of myself

College will be hard but I believe

Everyone seemed to care

1999 was the year it all started

I was born

Happy and content


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