199_ Life Story

1) Born into the better family

The house and the lights say it all


2) Lived off simple television shows with whimsical themes to make the lowest souls cackle with joy


3) Technology was the greatest temporary escape ever invented


4) Home wrecked meaning home was wrecked because someone in the home was wrecked


5) New home, one room too small and the room thats too small


6) Finally got out & started a new with a new scenery


7) Showed the crowd what I was capable of

They loved it and so did I


8) My knowledge said a lot to a lot


9) College was hard as you could imagine

Just ask my reminders on the walls


10) Kids come to me to see why?

I help by asking the same


11) I had no time but found some


12) Lost myself in words & lines unknown to many

And known all too well by some


13) Found myself on top, I liked it but... I was at the wrong top begging to get down.


14) Gained some

Lost some


15) Lost so many I couldn't count

Could never remember if i was dreaming or not


16) The success left me with no space literally


17) It's over and Im fine with that




This poem is about: 
My family


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