Back when freedom was leaving them bleeding out in a cell,

Back when keeping a distance was the only way to prevail.

Back when Malcolm was little before Martin was a King,

Back when the riots had the choppers flying to the scene.

Back when the water fountains had signs,

Back when the innocent did time for walking along the lines of minority.

Back when they invented sororities, back when getting the black in the back was a main priority.

Back when Mahatma Ghandi wasn’t eating,

Back when Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Prada wasn’t the only thing we were seeking.

Back when all the hose in the streets had a dog with them,

Back when that water was harder than camouflage denim.

Back in the days way back, I think some people forgot them same days came back.

Back when Trayvon was walking on his way back.

Back in time like back in ’58 matter fact, see I think I remember, the fourth day in September,

They tried to hold the Nine back.

They didn’t have millimeters; all they had was a couple textbooks and maybe a bag.

They were finally seeing the reasons why the panthers get mad.

Back when Ali was Cassius before he knew he could jab,

 Back when Jackie swung a bat and brought it back just to brag.

Back when John Brown had

About to run the town like a def jam musical

Back when triple k’s never took an L

Back when babies got dropped in a wishing well.

None of this is make believe I really wish it was,

But I just couldn’t let you leave until you knew how it was

in ’58.


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