When all of the
children are fast asleep,
& Mama's had all the
Trouble she can keep,

No reading gets done
For this weary woman,
It's off to dreamland
For this worn-out woman.

The laundry needs washing,
The dishes needs cleaning,
But tomorrow can wait,
For Mom has a date.

And date that includes
Three little boys,
And date that includes
Lots of cool toys.

So quit preaching to me
About my imperfect house,
Quit having the urge
To call me a louse.

You see the dishes,
The laundry, the messes,
I see the wishes,
The kisses, the blesses.

Tomorrow they will
Be too old for kisses,
Tomorrow may be
Too late to grant wishes.

They're only little
Like this for a while,
Tomorrow I'll tackle
That huge laundry pile.

One day I'll watch them
Walk 'cross a stage,
One day I'll be a
Very old sage.

Old age can be nice,
If you have lots of ice,
To put on the owies,
And that should suffice.

How can I be
Just 'nigh on thirty?
How can it be
My house is this dirty?

For one day they grow
Some wings of their own
To go in the world
And sow seeds of their own.

Seeds sown with goodness,
Mercy and love
Sent down from Heaven
From God up above.

© From A Poet's Heart

This poem is about: 
My family


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