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I woke up early on my born day
Pristine in many ways
Trying to keep the same i
I may lay on my bed thinking of ways
Cream comes and make haste
To Praise God for 365 days
I've striven to rise like yeast
In heat of the day soles melt to my feet
I defeat evil directed towards me
Direct my screenplay i pray that
Thoughts stay present
In the present and future
Present the cooler version
Older wiser less newer
Schooling keep my thoughts college so my stupor
Never appears
I keep ahead of the game
Unlike Koopa
A coup or sedan in the future i plan
Aston Martin's I'll starting
All white like the Klan
Job at Nasa
Unseen disasters
Blasted past to reach a better tomorrow
Catching dead presidents in caskets
Lastin for 3 generations so I'm passin
Success in checks that be massive
Clean oral
And the morals credited like plastics


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