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United States
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How do we know when to say those three unforgivable words of intrepid meaning? Do I stand back and wait for you to be first? Do I blurt out those three little inconceivable words? But how does every look of want, every embrace, every kiss not shout the silence of that one sentence blaring in my head.

How distinguished is a rush of emotion from one as similar? So the silence stays hoping the wait is not too late that you move on. However something feels so right that you won’t let go and this feeling is brightly distinguished to its close neighboring one, time rules out each one to win over the other.

What is the definition of this oncoming collision of second thoughts and warbling actions? I don’t forget the others I let the drawbridge down for and let their regretted wooden horses in. You however are different and even when I am alone I am satisfied.

I have a feeling this is quite equal for you, more than once have I heard the silence of the yowling and growling inside of you that wishes to be said. It is a waiting game now for the time to come into play. I see no fault in that for we must grow up sometime soon.

As we grow I’d like to share the extent of those three hungry words if you are willing- to be side by side for an extent of time. Waking up to your frame framing mine.

You say you don’t like tests but you are in one as am I, how’s that for hypocrisy.

All These poems of flowered tiny words spiraling around a broader idea; mine is blunt and will be straight forward but hypocrisy has gotten me too, announcing the one-four-three statement is hard to write much less speak when it is true. And should only be spoken of when I have proven what I will say beforehand.

   It lies as a tightrope- one badly timed stunt and off you go, but no use waiting to get to the other side and be done without elaborating the trick where it shall be seen.  How long of a rope do we have?

Titles- have meaning whether we want them to or not, we can fight it or join it but eventually the four lettered title will beat all the others. And that title branded me quite quickly. I don’t fight it and instead enjoy the sporadic moments with you to share what has accumulated from the little word, but presently hesitate to tell you its name. It goes without saying. When I do say it I know things will change. Where there are titles there’s power and with power there’s pressure and where there’s pressure comes either embracing or corruption. Let’s hope it is the first one.

To speak my love for you is inevitable just as it is to write it down. I don’t flower it in spirals but leave it blunt and honest for you to take any way you want. It is inevitable any which way. One- four- three those three little words of Love I keep accumulating bigger just for You.


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