13 years young

It's said that time will heal all wounds, but there will always be scars. I never thought that hearing the worst news, over and over, would ever be so hard.

As we are left here with questions, one that comes to mind is, WHY? Why did he have to do it? Why did Cole take his life?

I can say I got to know him, through basketball, which he loved to play I sat and talked to him on the bus, right after the big game.

I can remember him at practice, with his socks halfway up to his knees, The way Cole tried so hard... Was more than I could believe.

In school, everything was blurry Nothing was what it seemed, I just want to wake up and hope... it's nothing but a dream.

More and more it hits me, I know exactly how you feel Our worst dream has become reality, this nightmare is real.

We all know the story, this town was hurt again another question comes to mind When is it going to end?

No one saw it coming, As if everyone was blind. I wish I could have helped him, if I could only see the signs.

The last words he said to me was, "thanks" such simple words after that game. I never had a chance to tell Cole, "thanks" for inspiring my life that day.

Any song on the radio, makes us think of you I hope that wherever you are, You will think of us too.

When you were with your friends, I know you had so much fun but why did it all have to stop? at just Thirteen Years Young.


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