100? to 100.

  Dear Hope, Before, it was walking a long, dark hall, never knowing where the end was. Or being locked in a room alone, with no windows or doors, left to wonder how and when you will leave. It was lonely, scary, dark, confusing, forever lasting. No one heard the shouts from the locked room. No one heard the sobbing in the long hallway. Then, Hope came; you came. You brought strength to keep walking through the long hallway, to find a way out of the locked room. You knew that there's always a way out. Then, there was a light down that hallway, a red light. And a door started to appear in that locked room, a red door. The light and the door, were beautiful. And coming from that light there were voices. Not voices that spoke words that tore down and cut, but angelic, loving voices that praised and healed. Those same, sweet voices were also behind the door. They called to me, and you encouraged me to follow. So I did.Now, it's not dark anymore. Now flying is possible. Although, flying was always possible; now the difference is that I know and understand that. And no one can make me believe otherwise, thanks to the voices, thanks to you. Love,The Confident Me   

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