A girl without a face, no eyes no mouth

Nothing to see; no words to say

How can she be?

Who is this girl? With no personality


You see no one knows her because she doesn't speak

Keeps it inside; Only way she knows how

Inside what? She has no personality; that means no heart

No soul; No emotions; No goals


There was someone inside but then they died

Taken away, R.I.P.., they scream; livin' with the Lord

She is 100% incomplete


Day after day, tired of being alone

Tired of being silent, not being known

Lord help me! Screaming out of anger and fear

Releasing what was once locked inside

Finally realizing she had the key to what is

Me Her You

Brightness to her path; sun overriding night

She is someone: someone who they once knew

She is 100% Me, 100% Her, 100% you.


Beautiful face; Eyes screamin happiness; mouth seeing joy

Visualizing what she missed; beauty she says,

considered 100% complete

Her name is known; popular and worn out

Who is she? With every personality there is to be



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