10 Seconds

I have ten seconds of happiness

And I hope I don't spend it all in utter craziness.


I have nine seconds of being sane

And then it will all result in pain.


I have eight seconds till it fades away

Then I'll wish that I begged it to stay.


I have seven seconds to say goodbye

Then the misery will engulf me till I cry.


I have six seconds to say a prayer

And hope to be forgiven, because it's only fair.


I have five seconds to suck in my breath

And wish for a quick and painless death.


I have four seconds to remember everything

From love to hate, from give to take.


I have three seconds to widen my eyes

And stare at the ceiling in fake surprise.


I have two seconds to bite my lip once more

And listen to my heart beat like a knock at the door.


I have one second to open my mouth and scream

Then maybe I will awake from this horrid dream.


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