10 reasons why i love you

Fri, 04/03/2020 - 10:49 -- Aws

1. your precious smile,
that never failed to shine
a everlasting happiness
that made my heart skip a beat


2. your tenderness,
that gave me happiness
how could someone be
like you, so dearly?


3. your good vibes,
that surprised me
it gave off the positivity
i need for my stubborn reality.


4. your talents,
that awakened everyone's hearts;
you are my significant inspiration,
you give life to my life's ambition.


5. your humility,
You made me laugh,
While i was feeling low
no one is as wonderful as you,


6. the happiness you shared,
at times when smiling is something
i never dared;
darling, it meant everything.


7. for your meaningful silence,
that gave me a better understanding.
although your stillness was tense,
i knew in my heart it was never a rejection.


8. for your music, 
that never missed a beat
the melody will never tarnish.


9. for being your genuine self,
you gave me the power to do the same.
shamming is no longer something i'll play,

for you taught me how to end that witless game.


10. for bringing me daily sunshine,
for putting the moon & the stars away
my everyday became better,
and i will treasure you forever.


there are way more reasons
on why i loved you
through the passing seasons
i could slowly reveal


and show you how i truly feel.
as time passed us by,
i would no longer hesitate
We had weeks,
We had all the time
i would dauntlessly lay out to you
that the way i feel for you is true.

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