10 Pages of errors in your book

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 10:52 -- arelle


You have a PhD, but somehow there are 10, yes TEN full pages of errors in your book, but you didn't tell us that until the end of the final! No wonder almost everyone in the class is failing. Also it would really help if you explained step by step...NOt say here is the equation...here is the answer, that doesn't teach me how to show the problem, it just infuriates me! 

I don't need you to hold my damn hand and calculator and show me how to solve everything, I would just like some clarity on the proper steps to solve the problems. 

You are the rudest and most arrogant person I have ever met! You said at the beginning of the semester "E-mail me if you have any problems." I sent you 10 e-mails, you couldn't even bother to send me one reply. You also failed to mention to the class you moved up the final a week ahead of time, how the hell are students supposed to be two places at one time? Especially when we have finals in our other classes at the time. Your reasoning "Decide which is more important." What an inconsiderate, pompous ass! I hate you and your stupid book & class!

When the online grading system had a major glitches, you blamed it on the students. I looked in the course handbook on how to report problems, it says "Contact the department Dean," looked up the professor list....FML YOU are the Dean, seriously?! How is that even possible?! You are the worse professor I have had in my life and I've been going to school 15 years! 

Looks like I'll be taking you class again next year, because no one else is offering that class besides you and I need it for my major. 

I would really like to smack you in the face with your 5 pound error filled $200 book! That is unacceotable to treat students so badly. Oh yeah not to mention the other $300 for the course. There goes $500, 3 credits and 5 months of work down the toilet. I knew I should have listened to the reviews on ratemyprofessor, you got all 1s, I should have listened! 

I spent hours on the assignments, then due to technology issues they were all scored as 0's! That is completly unfair, I have all my work and can show, but you don't seem to care. 

I'll see you next semester and you better expect a lot more e-mails from me! Oh yeah I also sent a letter to your book publisher to get their sh!t together and fix the damn errors and computer grading software that goes along with your stupid book. 


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