It is one of the turning points of our life,
It seems like everything starts to collide.
The point where you question beauty the most,
Where it seems like you're lost.

You end studying and start working,
Such switch in life is abrupt and mesmerizing.
But in the end you miss studying,
The difference between what you have right now,
Is such a bittersweet candy.
But life must go on accordingly.

For those who are never been in a relationship,
This point is like standing at the edge of a cliff.
Thinking whether to open yourself to someone,
Or to put a distance with everyone.
Thinking when to get married,
And how many years left.
Either to let yourself in it unprepared,
Or make use the remaining years to prepare.
Till the end of the calendar.

You wanted to do so many things,
Buying everything in your wishlist,
You want to be like this and that,
Not sure what you really want.

So many goals to achieve,
Yours and your relatives!
Traveling, house and car,
Defines how successful you are.
How petty they are.

Everything is a pressure,
You should always be sure,
No hesitations and be brave,
Monitors you the eyes of your relatives.

It is the center point,
Thinking which direction to walk.
Is it in the right or left?
In Northeast or Northwest?
Confused where to go,
Is it enough to listen to heart's crow?
Or to the standard that others build,
Where your life must lead.

No matter what you feel at this point,
Believe in yourself and don't lose hope.
Being twenty-two is just a chapter,
For another adventure.
It's not yet the end!
We have our own timeline, my friend.
You may go first or am I,
Maybe at thirty or forty-five?
There's no guarantee.
But success is can be seen in the eyes -
If it smiles or cries.
Contentment in your heart,
Will wrap it up.

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