“When I wake up”

When I wake up for my long dreams.

I wake up to make them true.

The first thing I do is give thanks to God because I

Could open my eyes again to see my family.


When I wake up,I try to find my attitude.

Because my days is about attitude.

Life is about feelings and feelings make my  days.

When I have a good attitude my days are good.


When I wake up beyond my fatigue for my long days

between work and school. I find the way to feel myself better.

I take a shower;feel the water is  like a shot of energy even better than the coffee.


When I wake up,I’m glad my day picking my clothes and get ready.

Do this is like an inspiration that leads me to affront my day.

Because if I feel comfortable with my appearance my day is extremely good.


When I wake up,I remember some good time with my friends from the school and it motivates me to want to come with them.

Because the moments are memories that are saving in yourself and in a future remember them is the only thing left us.


When I wake up,I imagine in my memory, my classes that I will take or activities that I’ll do. May be some of them good than others but always I try to see the good side. Because classes are like doors ajar,you never know what you will learn,find or discover.


When I wake up,I decided how my day will be because I am the author of  my own story.


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My family
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Wild Dakini



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