“Loss Virtue”

DOOMED. Doomed I say.

For all has been destroyed.

Endless souls have fallen into the void.

Lost I say.

They are the Forgotten Ones.

Stripped of their emotions.

Stripped of their humanity.

They are nothing more than bone and flesh.

He can not see us.

He does not know us.


WE welcome you to OUR land.

WE taught you what you could not comprehend

We are were life came to be

I ask you youngling

Who has taught you your evil ways?

Who has turned your soul dark as night?

Why does your blood not move?


As if you yourself discovered the Earth.

As if it wasn't already there

Oh foolish one

Do you really believe that the heavens itself was built for you alone

You who thought himself Superior to all worldly beings simply because of the shade of his skin.

Do you not remorse for those who have been slain.

Because the sun loved them more then it did to you.

Oh foolish one

Oh foolish one

You’ve yet to see the pain you’ve caused.

It shall last of all eternity.

Mother Father Daughter Son.

Shall pass it down as oral history.

Does that make you proud now?

Does that make you smile now?

You are forever ingrained in my history.

You make wonder day and night.

On what you thought and what you believed to be right.

Oh foolish one

Why has life played out in your favor.

You have taken everything from me.

You have gutted my history.

You have crippled my descendants.

You’ve broken into my our home.

Stripped me bare in my our bed.

Tied me down and said it was good for me.

This makes me question my belief in humanity.

God, why have you forsaken me.

Is this what was truly mean to be.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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