“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.”


In Stranger in a Strange Land, ‘to grok’
means “to understand so thoroughly that
the observer becomes a part of the observed"


As best as it can be said:
“Thou art god, I am god.
All that groks is god” 


Thus to Virginia Woolf's quote, I respond:
If I grok you, I grok myself 
Not the other way around.


Who am I?
I am a god
If you are a god


Who am I?
I am human
If you are human


Who am I?
I am humane
If I grok your pain  


Who am I?
I am a lover
If I grok your love


Who am I?
I am important
If I grok your importance             


Who am I?
I am a learner
because I grok.


In my life,
I have grokked
as much as this


I have grokked
the eternal youth
of children


I have grokked
the painful process
of growing up


I have grokked
in me, the confusing mix
Of Indian and American


I have grokked
the worthy pay-off
of dedication and hard work


I have grokked
the heavy importance
of reading and writing

I have grokked
the true friendships
of water brothers


I have not grokked life
But I have grokked this
And by way, grokked me.


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