“The Hunger Games” Inspired by Suzanne Collins’s book

There was a wrecked country

Ruled by President Snow.

In this dystopian world,

Humanity reached its low.


The land was divided into twelve districts;

From each, a girl and boy

Was selected for a fight to the death

The Capitol people would enjoy.


In District 12, a girl named Katniss

Took care of her sister Prim.

When Prim was selected for the Hunger Games,

Katniss volunteered on a whim.


Katniss was scared, but she said to her sister,

"Don't you worry about me.

Just worry about taking care of yourself,

And I'll win the Games easily."


Like a soldier off to war,

Katniss boarded the Capitol train.

With her, a young boy named Peeta,

Also in emotional pain.


Katniss knew Peeta from years ago.

He once gave her a loaf of bread.

Katniss thought Peeta was very kind;

She couldn't imagine him dead.


When they arrived in the Capitol,

Katniss was treated like a little girl's doll.

Her hair and makeup- all done,

So she'd be pretty for the upcoming brawl.


Along with the hair and makeup,

Her stylist made her a flaming dress.

Katniss became the "girl on fire."

All of the Capitol was impressed.


Katniss caught the gamekeepers' attention;

The "girl on fire" gave them quite a shock.

Like Robin Hood she shot an arrow at their food,

Hitting an apple right on the spot.


Peeta didn't do as well;

His score was less by three.

Then suddenly he declared his love for Katniss,

But not so sure was she.


Also, Katniss didn't know how

She could kill in these gladiator games.

She knew she would fight to get home,

But it all seemed so inhumane.


When she was in the forest arena,

Katniss still didn't know how to win.

"Three, two, one:

Let the Hunger Games begin!"

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