The ‘ME’ Within the ‘I’

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 22:32 -- Fashur

I am unknown to me…

I am the mistake you regret.

I am the inner voice, screaming to heard,

TO be understood.

I am the helpless, hopeless little girl.


But, I am also the one who decided to fight back.

One. Two. Three--time to receive my punch.

Time to receive my pain.

It’s time and I WILL no longer be the doormat to your feet,

But rather I am the spoken.

I am the unafraid.

I am the holder of the words--

Words beyond comprehension…

I can speak.

It is time-

I am the proud accomplishment.

I am the unashamed,

And, no longer the unspoken.

I am not a mistake.

I am a hummingbird hovering where the night meets the morning.

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