​ Love is a funny thing.

Love is a funny thing.Like life's most secretive flowerIt's petals an intricate mess of beauty.Kind of like your hair the night we met. You can't expect love.You don't schedule it on your phone calendar,When love shows up, it isn't always welcome.Sometimes love is the drunk uncle at the wedding,Loud and disruptful, your life didn't need the noise right now. But grandmas cookies are always welcome.Fetch in the yard always takes the steam off.Your eyes, half shut, smiling next to me in bedMake the whole world glow with a light rivaled only by the brightest stars. Sometimes love is like a leaf.Landing with grace and poise,It dances across the surface of life,Superficial and sweet, but easily crushed by time. Love is a fickle thing.Easily toyed with and broken,Love does not know how to hurt itself,Only others. I loved you once.I think I still do.But the deep cuts on my heart scream when I hear your name,And I can't tell if they cry out in pain or excitement,Languished cries of torment or voices calling out for a healerTo help make them disappear. So when I come home,Bruised, beaten, and broken,Show me what kind of lover you are

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