Take a look inside



Take a look inside my deep ,beautiful, almond like brown eyes


Cut open my soul and explore the secrets that lives within


Before you can appreciate the sillohuette that stands before you , you must first understand the foundation that supports it


Skinny, small butt, stretch marks, scars, short hair, full lips, wide hips, and a mind that will blow your socks off!


21 years of age and you cant tell me about struggle, you cant tell me about pain, you cant tell me what love is


You look at this beautiful smile and you dont even know the half


The smile is to hide a sadness thats inside, and the scars are here to show you that ive been through the fire and back again.


My mother created me, sister raised me, daddy was taken away from me heaven could wait for him. Dysfunction in my blood, anger in my heart, fire burning in my soul.


I cry a lot, I laugh a lot, i trust easily, i forgive easily, and sometimes im loyal to a fault.


I judge sometimes, complain sometimes, and sometimes allow my nrgative thoughts to consume me at times, but my heart is pure GOLD.


Theres somoene inside me, the only one who knows me just dying to get out.. but i wont let her im not ready to meet her just yet.


God doesnt bring you to nothing you cant handle right?  So why do i feel like im breaking, like the world is just going to fall flat on my face


Is it because i put so much pressure on myslef i cant allow any room for error? Or is it because all my friends seem to be passing me and it feels like im moving in slow motion.


The tortoise and i have so much in common. Everyone seems to moves so fast and here i am slow and steady moving towards the finish line.


Who am i in a race with exactly? Why do i feel like i have to compete? Why do i compare myslef to the girls on the internet?


I am beautiful right? Im intellegent right? I have what it takes to make it right? I think i do, wait i Know i do!


Not only did God put me here , but he created me like no other, and gave me a mouth to use  as an instrument.


Whats more powerfull than that? But thats not enough you have to believe that you can achieve , and you have to put those fears aside and do things despite them.


So what if the next woman is beautiful, or smart, or funny, shes not you. Use those immaculate brown eyes to look yourself in the mirror and see more than meets the eye


Understand that nothing is never what its seems darling. You might not be there yet but keep on moving and you will be.


Rome wasnt built in a day and Tonii carr Can be great just give her time to evolve. Your not just in this cocoon getting your beauty rest your preparing to fly. To zoom through the skies so free, and so high and ready for that next chapter.


So who cares if you dont have it all together yet, because you will. Use your natural oils to confirm that your purpose and assignment will get fulfilled.


Enjoy your flat tummy, and your awkwardness, and the moments when you are still.


Because one day it will all vanish, and disappear , and what will you leave here?


Im naked right now letting you into my soul, opening up the gates, and breaking down the guards thats seperates me from you.


Im vulnerable right now because im becoming so transparent that now you can see right through me.


But feast your eyes on me because i am who i am and i dont Give A damn! My moment will come and i will rise!!


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