I haven't thought

Mon, 01/18/2016 - 17:04 -- nec216

 I haven't thought about it much until now,

but there is one thing I cannot live without.

One might guess, "Food! Water! Sleep!"

Assuming survival only lasts with essential needs.

There is one thing I'll always need.

Not entertainment or a book to read.

I would need my Lord, Jesus, to survive.

Without His grace I would surely die.

He's my life, my antidote.

He's my ray of sunshine when I've lost all hope.

Even if on Earth I would die,

I know I would have eternal life.

I know if I trust in the Lord

He will protect.

He already died for me, nonetheless.

You may disagree, but I know full well

Jesus is my Savior, He saved me from hell.




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