#193 Why I WriteWhy write?


 #193 Why I Write

Why write?
It’s a question as old as time itself
Why kill trees
And bleed ink
Onto blank pages
No one will ever read?
Why does writing and the map of human words matter?
What’s the point of it all?

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer
There are many ways I could answer you
I could say it’s essential to a person’s development
I could say it’s a means to communicate
I could say every child needs to learn to write their name

But that wouldn’t help you understand anything
So instead of telling you why it’s important to the world
I’ll just say why it’s important to me

Because self expression is one of the greatest gifts
God has given humanity
Because like Sarah Kay
"I write poems to figure things out
Sometimes the only way I know how to work through something
Is to write a poem about it."
Like the great Miss Anne Frank
Who was stolen from us far too soon
"Memories mean mean more to me than dresses.
I can shake off everything as I write-
My sorrows disappear,
My courage is reborn."
Because we’re all unique
And each person’s story needs to be told
Because someone needs to make sure Kathryn Kay is never forgotten
Someone needs to tell the world
That she was more than an aunt
She was a best friend
And she taught a little girl with a pony tail and a pink wheelchair
How to live
She showed me I didn’t have to be
Wrapped up in my Cerebral Palsy
That I could live life fully and happily
See every Disney movie
Sing every pop song on the radio
Write beautiful music and poetry
In spite of the chair
She helped teach me
That I have my disability
It does not and will never have me
I write because I need a safe space
For all the pain in my soul to land
And writing is much better
Than diving head first
Into the black abyss
Of my illnesses
Because I want to share God’s love with the world
I want to watch God take women from
Broken girls
To beautiful princesses
Because before I die
I want to write a poem that’s
As important to someone else
As “Footprints", “Phenomenal Woman", “Still I Rise" and “B"
Are to me
I write because I am me
Writing is as natural to me as breathing
When God made He took music, Disney, theatre, poetry, and ink
Mixed them together
And made the blood that runs through me
Because someday after I enter Heaven
My husband and children will read these journals
The story of me
Fallon Marie
"Phenomenal Woman
That’s me"
                            Fallon Marie
Quotes taken from Sarah Kay’s Tedx talk on spoken word poetry,  The Diary of a Young Girl The Definitive Edition by Anne Frank, and “Phenomenal Woman" poem by Maya Angelou


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