at age sixteen.finally

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 00:08 -- asssh.


at age sixteen.

finally learning my father was a fiend.

i've been lied to all these years

truth has been set free,

now i'm holding back tears.

my life represents pseudology.

but i'm thanking all the people that lied to me.

preserving my innocence,

at first i hated it,

now it all makes sense.

but my mama was on drugs too.

the forthcoming of this one was long overdue

as a child, i looked up to her.

but now, with tears rolling down my face,

i realize she was such a disgrace.

i was such a kid.

that's why i loved her like i did.

a crime unforgivable,

but for her, it's dismissible.

and she's still my idol.

and she loves me more than i do.


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