---- <<< - Tension In Limbo - >>> ----

---- <<< - Tension In Limbo - >>> ----

By Debi Lyn 12/02/21

When you’re comin apart at the seams and

Every one out there now deems you a failure – or worse:

A grand success at something no one’s proud to be known for….

Like a liar or thief or a child abuser or a plain out dirty little whore.


Where do you go and what do you do

To hold yourself at all together?

What if you’re seriously losin it too?

A real shit storm in terms of weather.


You might be thinking there ARE those who think it’s cool

You can manipulate others with ease,

But believe you me, they still call you a fool

And liken you to an infestation of fleas!


You might think stealing things is no big deal.

After all, people have so much more than you do.

But let the tables be turned, and shit gets real,

Cuz no one works harder for your shit than you.


Most folks tend to frown upon any type of abuse.

But done to a child, and especially the young

Leaves no acceptance for even your best excuse,

And you may as well give up the breath in your lungs.


As for the dirty little whore, or slut as you may well prefer,

SOME actually find it adds to the sexual appeal

& get off on nonchalantly saying it to her

Without a bit of care as to how it makes her feel.


So where DO you go, and what do you DO to hold yourself together

when you’re comin apart at the seams in a real shit storm of emotional weather?


It’s impossible to win and so damned easy to lose

And if you don’t find the right door right away…

Well, no one ELSE is to blame; it’s for YOU to choose,

And you’ll have fun breaking OUT of it forever and a day!



Debi Lyn

You seriously can't do the genome if the alignment isn't all centered or all to the left?

I'm going to try it all centered [as ANOTHER poem] and see what happens. The alignment speaks to the tension in the message. ugh