I Take Hope

I take hope in the beauty of the world, in the laughter of kids one and younger to ninety two and older, in birthdays, in wonderful lives that were dedicated to the ones who needed that life more

So sacrifice what you have for those who don't, for those who wonder, will I eat tomorrow?, will I sleep tonight?, will I control my sadness right now?

Tell them, you are the loner whose loneliness I'll take away

Tell them, I take hope in what I do have, in who I can hold on to

I take hope in love, in life.

Because the future of the United States

is less important 

than your dog, cat, fish, hamster

than your friends, partner, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas

Because a 70-year-old toddler, human Cheeto, homophobe, xenophobe, sexist, rapist, racist

is definitely less important

than the Anne Franks, Martin Luther King Jrs, Gandhis, Supermans

than the artists, musicians, writers, poets, actors, comedians, thinkers, scientists, educators

than the underdogs, enthusiasts, hobbyists, lobbyists, marchers

than the ones who go the extra mile, who stay up late, after, who work overtime, who put in their 10,000 hours, who are behind the scenes

But above all

the Hopeful

Hopeful Hope Hoping Hopefulness

the "We shall overcome"s, the fallings down, gettings up, steps forward

So hug someone, kiss someone

Give to someone who needs it

Give them time, money, jacket, food, ears (not physically; that wouldn't end well), jokes, advice, love, hope

Tell them what you take hope in

Draw on what they take hope in

Because it starts with you, me, us

Hope. It starts here.


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