there are going to be moments when you’re sad and you don’t know why 

or maybe because middle school just plain sucks and your mom doesn’t understand 

and maybe she never will 


and maybe that bully is wrong 

and maybe you’re not the things they think you are

and maybe that push pin is tempting to push into your skin and drag 

to kill the thing you hate so much 

but can’t identify


and maybe one day you’ll realize that real friends can’t be there 

with you through everything and

they need breaks too

and the world doesn’t revolve around you the way you thought it did 

and sometimes people leave your orbit

and sometimes you’ll be the one to walk away 

and sometimes you’ll be the one left behind


and maybe that’s okay because you’re still alive 


there are going to be moments when you’re sad and you think it’s stupid

because maybe there are voices in your head

that tell you you’re not pretty enough

to be liked by the boy in your third period


or because 

he’s been acting the same way you have

only for another girl to tell you that he’s indecisive 

and the only way to get out is to decide for him


or maybe it’s because all day you’ve felt like the gum 

that sometimes sticks to the bottom of your worn shoes

and wished feelings could bleed out

and look the way injuries do

so it would be easier for the doctors to understand 

what pain you’re really feeling


and i wish i could tell you 

things will get better

but i can’t make promises the way you think i can

and i can’t make you believe you’re worth loving

and loving yourself is the only way 

to get out of this pit you feel like you’re always crawling out of

but i can tell you to keep going


and i know it’s easy to say because everyone says that

and you’re angry because you’ve heard it all before

and you’re hanging on a thread 

and you don’t know when the thread will snap but you know it’s soon 

and you think disappearing is so much easier

and you argue that it isn’t dying but it isn’t living either

and what’s life without death anyways


but i want you to know 

i’m still here and i made it out      alive and 

maybe you can too




This is really good, thx for writting it!