Pandora's Box

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 20:25 -- cic0722


Hammer struck the marble block,

Thrice was heard throughout the night.

Face took shape and beauty shock,

Lips of ruby, eyes of light.

‘Twas the forging of Pandora.



Unbeknownst to misery,

Down to earth, the maiden walks,

Full of curiosity,

And hand upon a box.

‘Twas the coming of Pandora.



Dwelled among the mortal kind,

Beloved maid of everyone,

But box which kept her heart in bind,

Temptation, great, she could not shun.

‘Twas the spurring of Pandora.



Alas! There cries out savagely,

Beguiling creatures ‘scape the lid,

Old Age, Distrust, Vanity,

Gossip, Accusation, Fib.

‘Twas the ruin of Pandora.



Monsters chased the mortal folk

Bitten, they, by Greedy Sin,

Dragged and beaten, bound and choked,

Never knowing how came they in…

‘Twas the secret of Pandora.