Called He by Sheik

You ain’t never lie about me.. call it how you want it. Speciality drinks is what deserves me. All that rich shit comes within life within imagination. All the cars of society to picture it like you made it. I loved the images like women so I can only cry for the material. It’s sobs like tears no rips in anything wolverine is going on a slicing rampage.. paper cuts and scissors it hurts to even bleed. Now it being red means pressure, why wrap my arms for pressure.. metal tighten no cuff for relationship placed wedding rings around the top of the maker.. you cutting me off or on! She’ll grey me no seen appear it’s magic no wand all shades no beauty called it how she want it.. only thing tight was the closet all that designer kiss and skin is rich! I’ll keep it natural all real no baker for the faker she will became the test taker. All 100 no 50 she broke me for cups no cake. We sip separately divorce running hot its closed for chatting. She taking him or her, clothes packed no pockets for luck.. coins and money became clowns and honey, they funny but sweet. I laughed she preached why call me Sheik? Is this who he talks about in front of him that seeks US for them… 

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