Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

I think to text you, "I miss us" as if to grasp for the old threads

of something slipping out of reach.

It happened so quickly and also too slowly,

the pain is like pulling apart a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Some of it goes swiftly and without a fight,

sticking to myself because I know I deserve love,

but the rest falling messily onto the other bread and all over the floor,

loose and sticky golden sugar ropes.


I had a vision on the subway today

while the car jostled hard through the tunnels,

that if I fell, if I lost my grip and collapsed onto the floor,

I may just stay there.

If I stayed there and just lay down,

head on the ground,

breathing hard,

Would people understand I have had enough?

Would they see that and hold me?

Would anyone lay down next to me and say, "me too?"


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This poem’s simile with a peanut butter and honey sandwich was easy to understand but remained a unique take.

It was enough imagery to bring each description into mind, with no unneeded excess.

I personally felt the last few lines (Would people...) were too direct and could have done better without speaking directly to the audience, but it definitely still sounded good.

All in all, a beautiful poem with lots of talent behind it.


Way to speak your feelings. This was heavy. If you're going through something, I understand. Life can be hard sometimes, and we often try to reopen closed doors that led to hallways of happiness. Keep moving forward and keep writing. Your future will thank you.