What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Or so it is said

But depression didn't kill me

Just made me wish I was dead

Ironic.......isn't it?

I was stuck in the darkness

Hadn't seen light for a while

I was screaming and crying

"Somebody please get me out of here"

But nobody came 

I was alone

Except for the voices in my head

They screamed at me everyday

Saying I needed to go

To leave

To find someplace else to be

They wanted me to vacate

Somehow I started to listen

Heard the voices whispering

Again and again 




And I agreed

I believed them

But then you came along

You tried to pull me out of the darkness

But I was too far in

Too far gone 

You tried to pull me up

But I'd been down for so long

So I pulled you in

To enjoy the darkness with me....