Dear teens,

What makes someone a bad person ?

Is it the things we say,

The things we post,

How we look,

Or the things we know,

Is it the things we see,

Or the things we hear,

Is it smiling at someone with a face full of tears?,

We like to point fingers ,

And bring shame,

But the room would be as quiet as a mouse,

If anyone said your name,

Instead of picking each other up we just push each other down,

Because it's considered amusing to see somebody frown,

To be called petty is cool,

And to be smart actually makes you a fool,

But hey, that's just high-school,

These four years count, right

If we don't do something crazy or outrageous,

"You haven’t lived life, right?”,

What happened to making good grades and chasing your dreams?,

Don't tell me that's overrated if u don't know what it means,

But nah school is about friends,

It's about who's gonna make it to the end,

Not about who gon stand up and man up and be the best they can,

Honestly it's geting old,

And it's sad cuz no one wants to be bold,

So I'll do us all a favor by being the first to say that I'm done being cold.


Yours truly,


Jamilah El-Amin


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