Why did you

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 15:24 -- EdithLE

Why did you invade my pricay,

Whisking past my soft brown skin,

Touching me with such gentleness,

Yet Unnanouced.

Why did you strike me,

With warmth,

Like Fire,

Trying with all your power,

To grab me with your rays and lift me,

Up into the Celestials.

Why did you use great force to brush up against my feet,

Fighting against gravity,

Putting me in a state of Tranquility,

Ready to carry me away into the depths of the sea.

Why did you use that illuminating light to guide me,

In darkness,

Fighting against all evils,

When unsure and unaware,

Standing at my side.

Why did you inflict this powerful vibration between you and I...


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