The Great Departure

A toast to the New Year, the three of us here,

The three muskateers, and together we are strong,

Our bond is forever, our cause greater when we belong

Brace, for winter is upon us, anticipate the loss,

Ripe fruits do not last, fantasies can be farce

Grounded we remain sound, vigilant we are homeward-bound

Peasants turn into knights and allies into enemies

When the world fears trust, honored are we to demonstrate

Honored are we to aid, and in April our fruits of labor are made

In the heat of bad news, we sing gospels and drink booze

Our kin rejoice in song for the new bond,

For the amending and mending of hearts,

For the promises we make, the love put at stake,

Hours prove to be everlasting, and although meek

A doubt deems prospect for disaster

Shake your head, remember who you are!

You are not what you are, you are what you must

Recall that unbreakable trust, and onward we shall ride

Our two steeds mighty, our cause alive and healthy

What fellow we may encounter, we do not dote or ponder,

Rather our princess friends we offer, and to commemorate

the parting of our old muskateer, we toast to this New Year

A year where destiny dismisses desire,

The truth will transpire, and our loyalty to each other

Will set afire to a lawless country















This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world