"Oh my gawd,had you seen her outfit...."
I roll my eyes.

"Today on channel 39 a sixteen year old was raped and murdered ,found in ..."
I listen
But it's forgotten by morning.
"Donald Trump for President"
I want to scream
If I do,will I be labeled as crazy?
Really, America wake up already
"Hillary for president"
Its getting better
Wait no,nevermind
Can't Micheal Obama be the next president.
"Headlines: LGBT couples are getting killed by homophobes"
That's it
This time I do scream
And I cry
And cry
Cry till I can't,until I can't see
Its too much,
This year
I want to forget
That in this world,
I no longer feel safe,
What's happy?
What's fun?

But the only things I feel;

And dissapointment

At myself, my school, my ******* COUNTRY!!!
My mind is lost,
I drown myself in music now,
I can't stand hearing another word from anyone

I'm in a diffrent world,
Called ignorance

Yeah I'm happy

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Our world
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